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in the year when few pollinating insects are around. Rootstock VVA1. Estimated time to cropping once planted: 2 years. Estimated time to best yields: 3 years.... View more
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Sweet Chestnut 'Regal' makes an excellent choice for the larger garden as it is more compact than many varieties, growing to 5m (16') tall in 10 years. An ideal specimen tree for lighter soils and eve... View more
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Hazelnut 'Kentish Cob' is probably the best-known UK variety and easiest to grow in the garden. This attractive, bushy tree produces a mass of yellow-green catkins in the early spring followed a heavy... View more
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Walnut trees make a magnificent feature for the larger garden. French Walnut 'Lara' is a spur bearing variety and slightly more compact than others, although it will still make spectacular proportions... View more
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This beautiful sweet almond makes a highly ornamental tree bearing showy, light pink blossom in spring. Grafted on a semi-dwarfing 'St Julianrootstock, Almond 'Robijn' will form a medium sized, spread... View more
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A striking red filbert, with dark red leaves and pretty red husks with crisp white inner kernels. This vigorous tree is stunning in spring with its highly attractive foliage, and also provides winter... View more
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Hazelnuts make attractive and productive nut trees. This special collection combines two excellent varieties that will bring colour, catkins and plenty of cobnuts for seasonal interest all year round.... View more