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Patio cherry and plum

Fill your fruit bowl with tasty home-grown cherries and plums during summer, even if you have a small garden.

Growing to a miniature size of around 1m, this patio cherry and plum collection is ideal for growing in patio pots or in borders. Both trees will produce a huge amount of fruit for their size.

Collection comprises:

Plum 'Black Amber'
Height: 1m, Spread: 30cm, Cropping period: August-September, Position: full sun.

Cherry 'Sylvia'
Height: 1m, Spread: 30cm, Cropping period: July-August, Position: full sun.

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Plant plum and cherry trees directly into well drained, sunny borders that have been enriched with well rotted manure or garden compost. When planting in containers, repot into 30cm pots in a well drained, soil based compost such as John Innes No. 3. Plant trees at the same soil level as they were in their original pots and firm them into their new containers. Water well and position in full sun.

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Feed and water mini fruit trees regularly throughout the summer. In spring, while the ground is moist, apply a mulch of well rotted manure or garden compost to the base of trees grown directly in borders. This will help to retain moisture throughout the summer.Remove some of the fruit from Plum Black Amber each year to allow the tree to focus on producing larger, better quality fruits. Mini fruit trees require only light pruning in summer to keep their shape and remove damaged or crowded branches. Container grown plants will require repotting into increasingly larger pots up to 60cm (2') diameter as they increase in size.

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Fruit Trees

Patio cherry and plum

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